Our sympathy is with Patti Morgan and the Morgan family after the passing of Mike Morgan on November 25.  Services were held yesterday here at the Church.

Congratulations to Darrian & Breanna Menifee on the birth of their baby daughter, Adalae Sophia Menifee, born on December 1.  Proud grandparents are Blake & Devry Smith.

The poinsettias at the front of the auditorium are presented by Tanya Tesseyman in memory of her parents, Gerald & Barbara Locke.
Ladies Gift Exchange
Join us in the atrium tomorrow evening, Monday, December 6 at 6 PM. Bring a wrapped $10 gift, a finger food to share and a friend! 
Toys for Tots

Please submit requests to Joan in the Church Office by no later than December 6. Information required is the gender and age of each child.
Blue Christmas
For many, the Christmas holiday season does not bring with it joy and happiness. Waples Methodist Church will host a Blue Christmas Worship Service on Tuesday, December 21 at 6PM. This will be a very different Christmas service.  It will be a quiet, reflective service focusing on the comfort and light God offers to us in dark and difficult times.
Youth Ministry
  • Sunday, December 5: Connect from 5:30-7:30 in the Gym.
  • Sunday, December 12: Park Avenue Youth Christmas Party!
  • January 14-16: Register online for Winterfest.
Book Signing
Today immediately after worship in the Atrium, we will have a book signing opportunity for two our Park Avenue authors.  The Most Important Thing by Greg Clay & The Amazing Power of a Woman by Thana Furr.

Christmas Holiday Schedule
Wednesdays, December 22 & 29 - No Classes
Thursday, December 23 - Church Office Closed PM
Friday, December 24 - Candlelight Service 6 PM, Church Office Closed
Sunday, December 26 - No Childrens’ Classes, Adult Bible Class will meet
Monday, December 27 - Church Office Closed
Thursday, December 30 - Church Office Closed PM
Friday, December 31 - Church Office Closed



Mike Hardy, Jesse Sims, Kim Pendergrass, Linda Bell
Ongoing Needs
Shawn Landrum, Larry Long,  Jim & Jane Scroggins, Corky Armstrong, Dewey Martin, Sandra Aynes, Bobby & Peggy Slaughter, Kaile Williams (Norris), Roy Galyon, Vicki Ard, Judy Odom, Mike Foltermann
Ray & Marsha Jones, Chris Keene, JD Huffman
Expectant Mothers

Alissa Cope, Abigail Brooks, Jordan Honeycutt, Gabby Waller

Hammer & Dela Afakule (Togo), Mario “Pepe” Torre (Monterrey, Mexico), Jimenez family (Cartagena, Colombia)
Friends of Park Avenue
Rebekah Taylor (great niece of the Russell’s), Becky Sanchez (wife of Gil Sanchez, Director of orphanage in Mexico), Kathy Hill (friend of Chris & Candsis Slaughter), Maxine Fulenchek (mother of Joe Fulenchek), Jane Bearden (sister of June Washburn), Jackie Cline (friend of Joyce Merworth)

Good morning and welcome to our time of worship.  A special welcome to our guests. Please scan the QR code below and complete a communication card so we can get to know you. In addition, you can submit prayer requests or any questions you might have about Park Avenue.
Today we will wrap up our study of the parables. I’m inviting Basil, Tyler, and Lantz to join me this morning during the sermon time and share some of their thoughts on this meaningful and effective teaching style of Jesus.

I love fall. I love the cooler weather. I love the changing colors. I love football. I love fall with this exception—raking leaves.

I have a big oak tree out in my front hard and it is amazing how many leaves that tree can produce. I was out raking the other day and not only was I amazed at all the leaves but also amazed at all the acorns. So not only do I bag up tons of leaves but also hundreds of acorns. Within each acorn is the potential for another oak tree and as beautiful as the tree is, the last thing I need is more oak trees in my front hard. Every year I scoop up the acorns and for the ones that don’t get scooped up in the fall I find myself pulling up the tiny saplings that begin to burst through the ground in the spring.

This fall as I was picking up all those potential oak trees I thought to myself, “That poor tree. All it wants to do is make more oak trees and here I am foiling its plan.” If trees had feelings I suppose it would be sad.
But you know what? Year after year the oak tree keeps making acorns. In spite of its failure to reproduce it doesn't give up.  Each fall there will be acorns because that is what an oak tree does, whether or not it makes more oak trees. Oak trees make acorns!

Does it sometimes seem to you that all your good deeds, all your invitations to people to come to church, all your love to others—that all of it often produces nothing? Keep on doing those things because that is what we do, regardless of the results. Christians plant seeds!

Even though that old oak tree has never made another oak tree in all these years I do know this—the squirrels love the acorns! I guess those acorns have more than one purpose. Who knows what squirrels in your life are being blessed?
 Sunday Schedule
Adult Bible Class - 9AM Atrium

Worship - 10:00 AM

Children Dismissed to Bible Classes at - 10:45-11:30AM
2 & 3 Year Olds—Nursery Area
Pre K-6th Grade—Family Life Center

Youth Group Activities - 5:30-7:30PM

 Discipleship Making Communities (DMC’s)
Meet at various times and locations. Contact Lantz Howard for more information, or sign up at


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