Monthly Spiritual Practice Sign Up

Covenant Sunday is intended to be a guidepost on the journey that points you in the right direction. This year we are asking that you will join the monthly journey of learning new spiritual practices that will help keep your eyes on Jesus.

We are asking for you to join in Monthly Spiritual Practice Challenges that will guide our journey to keep our eyes on Jesus. Please join the challenge by filling out the form below. You will receive monthly guides, videos, and encouragement on new ways to encourage your eyes to stay on Jesus. By signing up below, you show your commitment to growing and a willingness to learn. Go ahead and commit and allow Christ to be formed in you through this journey. Once you have entered your information you will be redirected to the resource page with PDF and full video.

Why Spiritual Practice Challenges?

Challenge #4: Prayer Walking

This month, we are challenged to prayer walk around our homes, neighborhoods and cities, bringing spiritual awareness to the spaces around us.

Phone & Computer Wallpapers

As we commit this Sunday to "Fixing our eyes on Jesus," consider downloading one of these wallpapers for your phone or computer for a daily reminder of our Covenant.