Pick up a communion packet & ziplock bag from the tall tables in the auditorium or from the information centers in the main hallways before worship service begins.
Our sympathy is with Terri Walker and her family after the passing of her brother, Danny Walker, on July 10. Services were held last Friday at Fisher Funeral Home.
Thank You
Linda and I appreciate all of the acts of kindness, prayers, cards, calls, food, and all the demonstrations of love shown to us during the past few weeks.  A special thank you to the sewing ladies for the pillows.  Billy Martindale
Christian Theatre Workshop
Day Camp begins this week. You can still register on the App, the QR Code, or at Join us for one of the performances of Promised Land on Saturday, July 24 at 12 noon and 7 PM or Sunday, July 25 at 4 PM. 
The Chosen
The Chosen will be shown in the atrium this Wednesday at 6:30 PM due to CTW practices.
Youth Ministry
  • Sunday July 18: No youth group meeting. We will have CTW preparation.
  • Tuesday July 27: Interns Going Away Party Dinner at 5 PM in the gym and then we will have a Color War with Parkside Baptist Church from 6-7:30 PM on their campus.

Billy Martindale, Jesse Sims, Terry Waggoner, Neal Odom, Shawn Landrum, Mike Hardy, Mike Morgan, Kim Pendergrass, Peggy Clark, Linda Bell, Ty Paschal
Ongoing Needs
Larry Long, Garland Nevil, Roy Galyon, Jim & Jane Scroggins, Corky Armstrong, Dewey Martin, Bob Corley, Sandra Aynes, Lisa Cobble, Bobby & Peggy Slaughter, Sandra Thomas, Gene Stogner, James Hawk, Nancy Richards, Bob Tollison, Kaile Williams (Norris)
Ray & Marsha Jones, Chris Keene, JD Huffman
Expectant Mothers
Breanna Menifee
Hammer & Dela Afakule (Togo), Mario “Pepe” Torre (Monterrey, Mexico), Jimenez family (Cartagena, Colombia)
Friends of Park Avenue

Jason Morgan (son of Mike & Patti Morgan), Rebekah Taylor (great niece of the Russell’s), Becky Sanchez (wife of Gil Sanchez,  Director of orphanage in Mexico), Kathy Hill (friend of Chris & Candsis Slaughter), Mike Lauffer (friend of Sue Lain Harrington), Woody Crump (brother of Janet Gott & Peggy Porter), Wanda Evans, Sue Roberts, Patsy Russel (aunts of Candsis Slaughter), Lois Thomas (mother of Candsis Slaughter

Good morning and welcome to our Sunday worship service. Glad to have everyone here. A special welcome to our guests. Let us know what we can do to help you in your spiritual journey.

Today I will continue preaching sermons that you want to hear (not that you don’t want to hear every sermon I preach). I call it Parishioner’s Picks—you submit a scripture and I’ll preach the sermon. Today we will look at Acts 2:38—Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

While we have so many things in common with other Christian churches there are some teachings and practices that do distinguish us as a Church of Christ from others and one of those is our view on baptism. This scripture we will consider today from Acts is a pivotal verse in our understanding of this important act called baptism.

Christian Theater Workshop is right around the corner. Our day camp begins tomorrow. We will have close to 100 kids learning more about the incredible story of God’s deliverance of the Israelites. I also want to give a huge shout out to all the volunteers that help make CTW happen.  There are dozens of PA members working behind the scenes teaching our kids, organizing games and crafts, working in the kitchen, rehearsing songs and lines, and getting all the technical details ready and much more. CTW is definitely a team effort! Show your support by making plans to attend one of our three performances of Promised Land on Saturday, July 24 at noon and 7 pm or Sunday, July 25 at 4 pm. It’s great to be back after the pandemic canceled last year’s CTW.

It’s been great to see our children’s classes filling up again. After a long hiatus we have all our kids classes up and running. Parents, what a great gift you are giving your children by having them here on Sunday morning. Again, we depend on so many people to pull this all together. Thanks to all our teachers for the investment they are making in our kid’s lives.

We are making plans to resume our Wednesday evening fall activities, so be watching  for more information.

What a blessing to be part of a church family and what a privilege to be able to join together this morning in worship and fellowship. Set your minds and hearts on the incredible love of God as we prepare to glorify His holy name!

Let’s worship the Lord together!

 Sunday Schedule
Adult Bible Class - 9AM Atrium

Worship - 10:00 AM

Children Dismissed to Bible Classes at - 10:45-11:30AM
2 & 3 Year Olds—Nursery Area
Pre K-6th Grade—Family Life Center

Youth Group Activities - 5:30-7:30PM

 Discipleship Making Communities (DMC’s)
Meet at various times and locations. Contact Lantz Howard for more information.
Park Avenue Church of Christ
3000 S. Park Avenue,
Denison, TX 75020