Monthly Spiritual Practice Challenges
On Covenant Sunday, we committed to "Fix Our Eyes on Jesus." We are continuing in that direction throughout the year by learning new spiritual practices that will help us keep our eyes on Jesus.

We are asking for you to join in Monthly Spiritual Practice Challenges that will guide our journey to keep our eyes on Jesus. Here you can find monthly guides, videos, and encouragement on new ways to encourage your eyes to stay on Jesus. By engaging in these spiritual practice challenges, you show your commitment to growing and a willingness to learn. Go ahead and commit and allow Christ to be formed in you through this journey.

We believe that those that choose to go on the journey each month will be able to see Jesus in new ways this year. You will see a video description below as well as a PDF resource to get you started. If you have questions please contact our Discipleship Minister Lantz Howard at


Why Spiritual Practice Challenges?

This Month's Challenge: Spiritual Companions

Last Month's Challenge: Prayer Walking